Research Acies International Journal of Computing and Knowledge Management (RIJCKM) has zero tolerance to plagiarized.  Authors are therefore, advised to submit original research work that conform to the intellectual property rights for publication. Authors should also note that their work will be subjected to plagiarism check before they are reviewed.  Only papers with less 15% plagiarism will proceed to review

Past publications

Previously published research articles will not be accepted for publication by Research Acies International Journal of Computing and Knowledge Management (RIJCKM).  Such paper may only be considered for publication if they contain expansions from previously considered research by the same author.  

Fabrication of data and results

Authors should ensure that their research results are properly interpreted to maintain the research standards and trust of the journal and professionalism. Researchers are advised to avoid fabrication of research data since it does not only misinform the other researcher citing the authors work but also taint the reputation and relevancy of the journal.

Replication of research articles

Authors are advised to avoid submission of their manuscript to multiple journals for simultaneous consideration. They are further advised to avoid splitting a research with the aim of increasing the number of publication over a certain period.