About Research Acies Publications

We are an international journal publishing organization that seeks to expand the frontiers of knowledge and scholarly discourse. At Research Acies Publications, we love sharing research knowledge and information to solve societal challenges. We have created an online and print platform to enable young and established researchers and scholars to share peer-reviewed research findings in various disciplines that meet international standards and contribute to scholarly discourse globally.
We have assembled a competent team of professional researchers, scholars, scientists, academicians and industry experts with a wide range of expertise and experiences to guide and review our publications. Our team of reviewers and editors cover a broad range of scholarly work and come from all corners of the globe. At Research Acies publications, we are committed to the production of authentic and original studies. We guarantee fidelity to scholarly practice and have zero-tolerance to plagiarism.

We are a scholarly publisher of various research journals that meet the international standard of research publications. We have both an online and print platforms through which scholars, researchers, and students can publish authentic and origional research work.
Our current journals include:
  1. ResearchAcies International Journal of Business and Management Studies (RIJBMS)
  2. ResearchAcies International Journal of Computing and Knowledge Management (RIJCKM)
  3. ResearchAcies International Journal of Education (RIJE)
  4. ResearchAcies International Journal of Religious Studies (RIJRS)
  5. ResearchAcies International Journal of Leadership and Governance (RIJLG)
We organize regular research conferences that bring together various stakeholders – researchers, scholars, students, industry experts and policy makers - in an interactive manner.
Through this conferences, we create forums for expounding on new research areas and discussing research findings that have great impact on society.
It also gives industry players opportunities to showcase new, innovative products and services while students get platforms to share their research findings.
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Our Philosophy
Advancing Knowledge
Our Vision
Our Mission

Our Core Values

Research Acies Publications core values are embedded within the culture, and they underpin all our actions. Our core values include:

Passion for Quality

Quality is at the core of our actions. Our team is composed of most prestigious contributors in their respective fields.


We serve our clients with the highest level of commitment and proficiency.

Superior Service

With passion and pride, we relentlessly seek innovative solutions that will deliver significant value to our clients.

Creating impact

We seek to help our clients create a meaningful impact on the society through research and publication.


We value collaboration, respect and strive to build cooperative relationships with our members and clients with an aim the advancement and dissemination of scholarly work.

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